Outdoor Services

Heavenly Touch’s Pest Management, we offer a full range of L&O programs to keep your lawn, trees, and ornamental shrubs healthy and pest-free, including:

  • Lawn Programs (includes fertilizer, insect control, weed control, and disease suppression).
  • Shrub Fertilization
  • Bermuda Sports Turf Programs
  • Palm Tree Drenches (includes insect control, fertilization, & disease suppression)
  • Landscape & Irrigation ConsultingProgram Options 12 month and 6 month

12 Applications Per Year
Heavenly Touches 12 month program is for the customer who requires a program to maintain the landscape at its highest aesthetic level. Heavenly touch applies the proper balance of nutrients, monitors the condition,identifies problems and make as needed corrective applications. Heavenly touch guarantee of customer satisfaction of course depends on the customer taking proper actions as may be required to save and/or maintained the landscape. We also are dependent upon the customer to make sure that the Garden and lawn is professionally maintained. Heavenly Touch address 4 important areas in our 12 month integrated program.

  • Nutrition: Plants need 17 elements for normal growth. Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are found in air and water. Nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, and sulfur are found in the soil. These six elements are used in relatively large amounts by the plant and are called macro nutrients. There are eight other elements that are used in much smaller amounts and are called micro nutrients, or trace elements. The micro nutrients, which are found in the soil, are iron, zinc, molybdenum, manganese, boron, copper, cobalt, and chlorine. All 17 elements, both macro nutrients and micro nutrients, are essential for plant growth.
  • Plant pests and disease: On each treatment when needed plant pests and daisies infestations are kept below damage threshold. Control below the damage threshold is guaranteed for this program. To put it another way by detailed attention to your landscape we guarantee damages will be none to minimum. Some of the major pests that infest the Florida garden are, mites, white fly, caterpillars, scale (especially snow scale found on many Cycads) snails and slugs.
  • Lawn: The lawns main pests are fungus, Chinch bug, grubs, sod web worm and army worm. It is also important to note that there could be mechanical damage by poor maintenance techniques. (see a description under “helpful Tips” on this site”).

Broad leaf Weeds: During the cold months when needed the a weed and feed is applied to the lawn to control broad leaf weeds. Once the control is achieved the customer is guaranteed control of these nuisance weeds, provided instructions on lawn maintenance are followed. Because of the nature of nuisance pest control. This service is standard only when the entire landscape, including lawn, is selected. Control is guaranteed. The customer is responsible for coordinating all pet treatments and indoor treatments for proper control. Nuisance pest are: fleas, ticks,ants and millepede’s.

6 Applications Per Year
This program provides strong services for the customer willing to supply some of the management needed to keep the land scape at a high aesthetic level. Heavenly Touch supplies services required for an integrated program on scheduled applications. between the visits, the customer will monitor the landscape and notify Heavenly Touch of problems that need to be addressed by Heavenly Touch. Proper culture and conditions are the customers responsibility. Results and guarantees depend upon the customer providing this level of management. This program provides four comprehensive and two maintenance applications in the program year. Rechecks are included as needed at no extra charge for services selected and listed on the Service Contract.

Program Services

Nutrition is provided each comprehensive application and supplemented each maintenance application when needed. Rates and formulation depend on need. Nutrition results are guaranteed for this program.
Plants Pests and diseases
Plants pests and diseases are treated each application when needed to keep pests and disease infestations below the damage thresholds. Control below damage threshold’s is guaranteed for this program. Lawn pests and disease are: fungus, Chinch,grub worm, sod web worm,and army worm. Landscape pests and disease are: mites, white fly, caterpillars, scale, snails and slugs. Broad leaf weeds in the lawn, are treated each (cool months only) when needed if the lawn is selected. This is a long term practice that is tied to good cultural practices.

Nuisance Pests
Nuisance pests are treated each application when final. Because of the nature of the nuisance pests control, this service standard only when the entire landscape service including the Lawn is selected. Control is guaranteed. The customer is responsible for coordinating all pet treatments and indoor for proper control. Nuisance pests are : fleas and ticks,ants and millipedes.

Optional Services:

  •  Entire Landscape
  •  Lawn Only
  •  Landscape Only
  •  Specific Items

Indoor Services

We offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly services.